"My 14 year old son Kurtis  is a rep goalie who to date has had several goalie coaches. Dave Scamurra is the best we've seen. He's passionate about his work, knowledgable, and runs excellent, upbeat 'game relevant' on ice drills. Dave wears equipment on the ice and teaches by example. For instance, after explaining a concept like 'tracking the puck' Dave then demonstrates how this is done before doing the drill with a student. Kurtis likes and respects Dave and looks forward to sessions either one on one or in clinic format. Since working with Dave for the past several months , Kurtis' game has improved significantly. Dave is a conscientious, punctual  professional and in my view, your son or daughter is fortunate to have the opportunity to learn goaltending fundamentals from this quality goalie coach."
Dr. Scot McFadden
Sports Psychologist (Dallas Stars since 1998)
Former professional goaltender.